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    Local and Out of Town Clubs and Concerts

    Frequently Asked Questions:

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  • Accommodations
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    When should I book? 

      Book as far in advance as possible to ensure the entertainers will catch your event while touring in your region or if LOCAL band, book six months in advance when possible and for wedding receptions a year is most wise.
      Insure availability by booking today.
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    The artists typically play from their albums and the songlist at their webpage. If you want to make a request for particular tunes, do so at the time of contracting.

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    What Accommodations Will The Artist Expect?
    Make all arrangements through EventMusic, as each artist's requirements will be individual. LOCAL event considerations are stage size, electrical outlets, dressing room, food, place to rest between sets, client needs regarding us of microphone...

      Generally, out of town artists will need hotel, meals, airfare, and ground transportation.
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    Who provides a Contract?

    The client may offer a contract in the interest of consistency in their record keeping or EventMusic will offer a contract based on the details agreed upon.

    The details are discussed and agreed upon before being put in writing.  Who is buying what, when, where and for how long.
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    When does the Entertainment Arrive?

      Entertainment from out of town should arrive at least a day prior to the engagement. This provides time for rehearsal, staging, sound checks, and general acclimation to their current environment. 

      LOCALLY expect the bandleader and sound setup to arrive no later than an hour prior to playing. Always get the phone number of the leader if possible.

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    What about Instruments.

      Out of town: It is typical for the artist to be very focused on their instruments. Reliable transport for instruments is a must unless they are carryon in size and remain with the artist. 
      Alert all personnel to give instruments as much attention as the artist gets. If there are children at the event they must be controlled regarding stage and instruments. If instruments are damaged by attendees the client is responsible for any repairs. Their recourse will be the attendee who caused the damage.
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    Is there a Deposit? 

      Out of Town: A fifty percent deposit and signed contract books the performer.
      Balance must be paid prior to performance.
      Local talent: A fifty percent deposit and signed contract books the performer. Balance to be paid at event or before if it is more convenient. 
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    How do I book?

    Phone Betty Dyson Directly

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